Growth Hacking Event: How To Rock The Fintech Startup Scene | TransferWise

Nilan Peiris of TransferWise joins us for a growth hacking themed event, organized by Growth Tribe in Amsterdam.

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VP of Growth @ TransferWise, Nilan Peiris, talks about the mission driven startup and how having a mission can help you find a cause, that creates evangelical customers that can help your product grow itself.

TransferWise is disrupting the banking ecosystem by cutting charges on international transfers. At a valuation of $1 Billion, TransferWise is ready to take over the world! Investors and industry experts see a MASSIVE potential in revolutionizing the banking system in the company.

Nilan Peiris has been growing the company since the very beginning. Not only has he delivered an insane growth rate, he’s also managed to get TransferWise’s users to…UNDRESS in public! In this session, Nilan talked about the tactics he applied to grow the Londoner unicorn.

Nilan talked about the mission driven startup

All startups start out to solve a problem
Fixing that problem led to a cause, which eventually started increasing TransferWise’s customer base and driving growth. This is what being “a mission driven startup” is all about.

Evangelism is the biggest driver of growth

TransferWise believes they can create evangelical customers. Create a product that users will find impossible NOT to talk about.

To do that, find your startup’s “growth levers” and bring them to a magnitude at which people see no alternative.

Product isn’t enough. We need marketing
Sometimes, the product, as it is on its own, is not as exciting as the cause behind its creation. Instead of forcing ads down your customers’ throats, give them stories to tell.

Mission driven culture
In practice, the startups that scale, scale beyond their founders. So the most a founder can do is influence the culture. It’s much more powerful when it’s not a vision of 1, but a collective vision.

Mission driven values
Customers are more important than your team and your team is more important than your ego.

Product ownership
In order to avoid Mexican-standoff-type disagreements among the teams (such as Marketing and Product Development), every team can make changes, as long as they’re increasing conversion rates.

Mission driven metrics

Talk to happy customers to feel good but talk to the unhappy ones more. It’s way more important to understand why people had a bad experience with your product!

Also, we’re all familiar with NPS. Turns out: moving your NPS has the greatest leverage on growth.

If you move – you grow. To quote Nilan: “It’s f*cking hard, but it works”.

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FinTech Tribe Event | 29.03.2016 | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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