Growth Hacking Event: How To Growth Hack Your Mobile App User Base

Adrien Montcoudiol on Mobile Growth Tactics, Tools and best practices at a growth hacking event, organized by Growth Tribe in Amsterdam.

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Growth Tribe invited experts in Mobile Growth Hacking! A special evening to learn about mobile strategies, tactics, tools, frameworks and how to generate mobile growth!

Adrien Montcoudiol is a Mobile & B2C User Acquisition Expert and Co-founder of The Growth Bakery, a San Francisco and Paris based marketing agency for startups. Adrien gave a presentation on Mobile Growth Tactics, Tools and best practices.

Who should watch this:

* CMOs, marketing directors and marketing managers looking to change their mobile marketing department through a data-driven and growth hacking (lean marketing) approach.

* Startup founders looking to use data-driven decision making to build better mobile apps.

* Startup founders, startup marketers and growth hackers looking to take their mobile marketing and analytics skills to the next level.

* Consultants, innovation managers and innovation directors, and businesses coaches looking to stay ahead of their competition.

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Mobile Growth Hacking | Tribe Event | 03.06.2015 | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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