Growth Hackers Amsterdam Meetup: Sales Hacking

Jon Woodroof from Twotone Consulting shared some wisdom on how to hack sales at the Growth Hackers Amsterdam Meetup, organized by Growth Tribe and backed up by Startup Amsterdam, Publitas and Usabilla.

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About Jon Woodroof

Jon has nearly a decade of experience selling products and services to companies across industries like L&D/HR, App/Software Consulting, Translation and Localization and even B2C selling in the Cycling industry back when he ran his own bike shop.

Jon has grown to love sales and thrives on sharing his experiences to guide others and help them find what works best for their organization.

Currently, Jon is the proud founder of Twotone Consulting – an Amsterdam based sales, marketing & PR agency stoked on where startups, cycling & tech meet.

His session was followed by a quick Q/A.

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Growth Hackers Amsterdam Meetup | 15.04.2015 | Amsterdam

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