Create Stunning Social Media Visuals with Adobe Post


Are you constantly on the look-out for better ways to create your social graphics?

buying viagra in canada online Help is on your phone as the graphics giant Adobe has released a social sharing app called Adobe Post.

Lamictal online no prescription Tying into the Adobe Creative Cloud, and giving the social media crowd instant access to wonderful templates and design options Adobe Post may become your favorite simple graphics app!

In this video, Social Media Examiner’s Steve Dotto uses Adobe Post to significantly up his graphics game, and yours!

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8 thoughts on “Create Stunning Social Media Visuals with Adobe Post”

  1. I would love to know what app to use to have the video in the background and a static block with text with opacity control like in that intro. That was really top notch.

  2. I've enjoyed Adobe Post, too! Where, exactly, is the social sharing process that gets you the exclusive features? I haven't seen that in my app yet, and I couldn't track it in this video. (If you don't mind, I may track you down next week at SMMW to ask this question personally.)

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