Canon Rebel tutorial: Image format and size options |

This tutorial explores the image format and size options in the Canon Rebel T3i. Watch more at

click this This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter three of the Shooting with the Canon Rebel T3i (600D and Kiss X5) course presented by author Ben Long. The complete Shooting with the Canon Rebel T3i (600D and Kiss X5) course has a total duration of 3 hours and 16 minutes, and reviews the Canon Rebel T3i camera’s components and basics of operation, including changing lenses, navigating the menus, shooting in Auto mode, and reviewing and managing photos on the camera’s LCD screen Shooting with the Canon Rebel T3i (600D and Kiss X5) table of contents:

1. Getting to Know Your Canon Digital SLR
2. Shooting in Auto Mode
3. Shooting in Program Mode
4. Controlling Autofocus
5. Controlling White Balance
6. Using Drive Mode and the Self-Timer
7. Using the Exposure Control Options
8. Using More Playback Options
9. Shooting with Scene Modes
10. Shooting with Flash
11. Shooting with Picture Styles
12. Using Live View
13. Shooting Video
14. Customizing Menus and Functions
15. Caring for Your Camera


25 thoughts on “Canon Rebel tutorial: Image format and size options |”

  1. Thanks for explaining these symbols. I tried to shoot raw and they wouldn't upload to my computer, it was blank with a picture of a camera logo, but nothing would transfer to the computer folder. Anyone know why that would happen?

  2. Thank you..Very nice and clear instruction.. How to change the resolution in the camera…let's say that I need to take picture by default 800 x 800 pixel..can we do that in the camera? Thank you very much

  3. You are very clear and smooth with the delivery of the information. This video looks and sounds very professional. You were straightforward, yet still very thorough. I appreciate the quality and content of this video. Thank you!

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