Best Growth Tactics And Tools From Facebook Tips to Competitive Analysis – Growth Insights #9

Welcome back to our Growth Insights series. In this Episode we’re going to focus on Facebook Video Ads Tips & Competitive Analysis Tools! Growth Insights is the only series that updates you on all the latest tool, tactics, articles and tips in the world of Growth Hacking – get up to speed on Facebook Video Ads Tips & Competitive Analysis Tools all in just 7 minutes.

Starting with a look at 3D gif creation, we’ll share some new and exciting Facebook Video Ads Tips with you in this video. Tried out the new cover video feature on Facebook yet? If you haven’t, now is your chance to start! In this episode of Growth Insights we’ll share some tools that will let you create captivating and simple cover videos. Stay tuned for even more Facebook Video Ads Tips!

And as far as Competitive Analysis Tools go, we’ll be sharing some our our favourites with you in this episode. Already familiar with tools like spyFU and similarweb? We have a few more squeezed into this latest installment of Growth Insights so jump right in!

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If you come across a tool, website or article mentioned in the video that you want to look into further, check out the links below!

0;32 Law of Shitty Click-Through rates –
1:00 3D gif tutorial –
1:05 Giphy 3D splitdepth –
1:15 Create simple videos quickly with
1:27 Free Facebook cover videos –
1:37 Facebook are testing giving pages 0 organic reach in Slovakia..
1:51 Digital audience engagement on leading social networks –
1:56 Directory of Facebook Ads –
2:13 Facebook messenger retargeting bot –
2:30 The more you use Facebook the worse you feel –
3:30 Tutorial: Microsoft Azure’s machine-learning-based content moderator
Automated workflow tool –
4:12 bought by Hubspot –
4:40 Blockchain Marketing Technology Landscape –
4:56 Woman requests her Tinder Data Report –
5:03 Tinder request template –
5:17 Tinder scraper –
6:23 Contact details of tech journalists –
7:03 Keyword research tool –
7:22 Competitor analysis –


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