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Rock Star Seo and Media

“LL Cool J”  James Todd Smith (born January 14, 1968), better known as LL Cool J (short for Ladies Love Cool James),  is an American rapper and actor from Queens, New York. He is known for such hip hop hits as “I Can’t Live Without My Radio“, “I’m Bad“, “The Boomin’ System“, “Rock The Bells” and “Mama Said Knock You Out“, as well as romantic ballads such as “Doin’ It“, “I Need Love“, “Around the Way Girl” and “Hey Lover“. LL Cool J is also known as one of the forefathers of pop rap. He has released 13 studio albums and two greatest hits compilations. His twelfth album Exit 13 (2008), was his last for his long-tenured deal with Def Jam Recordings. His latest album, Authentic, was released in April 2013.

rock star seo and media

Sheila Escovedo (born December 12, 1957), known by her stage name Sheila E., is an American singer, drummer, and percussionist whose notable collaborators include Prince, Billy Cobham, Lionel Richie, George Duke, Ringo Starr, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Hans Zimmer and Kanye West.

rock star seo and media

Tom McLoughlin (born 1950) is an American screenwriter, film/television director and former mime whose credits include numerous television movies, such as Murder in Greenwich, At Risk, Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life, the feature film Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, Date with an Angel and the 2009 Lifetime Movie Network film The Wronged Man.

In 1977 McLoughlin was nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Program for his contributions to Van Dyke and Company, a special starring Dick Van Dyke. Two years later, he portrayed the robot S.T.A.R. (Special Troops/Arms Regiment) in the Disney film The Black Hole. & also played Katahdin in the 1979 Horror classic, Prophecy.

rock star seo and media

(Vita Chambers) began her career by posting a video and four of her original songs on her MySpace page at the age of 15. She was signed to Universal Motown when she was 16[1] by Sylvia Rhone.

Chambers was the opening act, singing “Heat Wave”, at the November 2009 Thanksgiving Day NFL half-time show featuring a Motown Review by the future of Motown. Chambers’ first single, “Young Money”, was released in March 2010. Her EP “The Get Go” was released in March with five songs on iTunes. At age 17, Vita toured with Justin Bieber as one of his opening acts on his My World Tour in 2010,[1] as well as performing at Lilith Fair in 2010, Bamboozle Road Show, PopCon, and touring with Forever The Sickest Kids. She also performed with Estelle at the 2010 Soul Train Awards in Atlanta,

Chambers is now an independent artist under her own company Gold Note Productions.

rock star seo and media

Carolina Hoyos

View Resume | Official Photos »
Stage and film actress and director Carolina Hoyos was born in Washington, DC. and raised in nearby Fairfax, Virginia. Her childhood as a competitive classical concert pianist and elementary school chorus accompanist was enriched with acting and directing after she played a ship captain in her 1st grade play. Her days quickly filled up with local … See full bio »


February 24, 1978 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA

rock star seo and media

Members: 1965. Five boys, ages 15 to 17, stepped on stage of the famed PANDORA’S BOX on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. THE SLOTHS were born. Most were students at Beverly Hills High School, others were dropouts. They rehearsed in their garages playing the music of the British bands that inspired them; The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Them, The Who, as well as the American blues and rhythm & blues musicians who had inspired those groups; Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, and John Lee Hooker. The band, with a few changes in the members, played virtually every venue in Hollywood; The Stratford, Sea Witch, The Hullabaloo, Hollywood Palladium, The Whiskey, Bito Lidos, and The Galaxy. They shared the bill with The Doors, Love, Iron Butterfly, The Seeds, and British icons Pink Floyd and The Animals. THE SLOTHS were approached by Impression Records and recorded two original songs; ‘MAKIN LOVE’ & ‘YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME’. Taking their 45 to local radio stations themselves, they hoped to have it played. But ‘Makin’ Love’ was considered too controversial and ‘You Mean Everything To Me’ was only played on air once. By the end of Summer 1966, the group disbanded. Some returned to school, others dissolved into The May Wines, The Yellow Payges, TNT, The Kingbees, and Doug Yule’s Velvet Underground. Over the years those scant few 45s of THE SLOTHS music disappeared into basements, attics, then garage sales. Unbeknownst to them during the 1980s their record of MAKIN LOVE was discovered. It had been added to a collection of garage band music and the album was released as BACK FROM THE GRAVE: VOL 4. A ‘buzz’ began with garage and punk music fans. Who were these guys? Over the next three decades a couple more 45s of MAKIN LOVE surfaced. Now amongst the garage band enthusiasts and rock music collectors this was a much-desired record to own. By 2011, MAKIN LOVE & YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME in its original picture sleeve was selling on eBay for $6,550.00. Rock magazine editor MIKE STAX wanted to do an article in his international magazine UGLY THINGS on this rare record. He also was going to try solving the mystery of ‘Who Were The Sloths?’ He found original guitarist JEFF BRISKIN. By some strange happenstance, at the exact same time, MIKE DUGO of 60sgarageband.com found another key original member MIKE RUMMANS. Slowly others were found…STEVE DIBNER, DON SILVERMAN, and TOMMY McLOUGHLIN lead singer of The May Wines. Sadly, it was learned that singer/songwriter HANK DANIELS and drummer SAM KAMRASS had passed on. The guys decided to get together for the first time in almost 45 years…and, of course, in a garage. They played the songs from their 1965 song list. Somehow everything: their sound, the passion, and high energy was back exactly as it was in the 60s. Taking the risk, Mike Stax booked them on a bill with his group The Loons in San Diego. The crowd that night consisted of young garage, punk, and 60s rock fans. The Sloths were wildly received. This new generation of fans experienced what a night in a Sunset Strip club in the 60s was really like. THE SLOTHS were ‘back from the grave’! Their original single MAKIN’ LOVE was re-released on vinyl. They continue booking shows worldwide including the PONDEROSA STOMP in New Orleans, The ROXY in Hollywood, UGLY THINGS 30th ANNIVERSARY in San Diego, and the PURPLE WEEK-END in Leon, Spain. The members consist of guitar/bassist MICHAEL RUMMANS, guitarist PATRICK DiPUCCIO, drummer RAY HERRON, and vocalist TOMMY McLOUGHLIN

rock star seo and media

Fronted by composer & singer Jarvis Smith, The Phoenix Rose is a band that celebrates the power of music to reach all people with uplifting themes & irresistible grooves.

The Phoenix Rose was born when Jarvis and his cousin James Keefe began composing songs together in 2003. When multi-instrumentalist Steven ‘Fingerz’ Carty joined, the band began to perform live. Audiences loved their unique blend of pop, rock and reggae as frontman Jarvis whipped up the crowd with his skanking.

After years playing small London venues from Camden to Clapham, The Phoenix Rose met Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis while performing at a local eco centre. Michael invited the band to play Glastonbury Festival, and The Phoenix Rose embarked on a festival run that included Sunrise Festival, Croissant Neuf and the Isle of Wight Festival.

Struck by its Isle of Wight set, renowned producer Native Wayne Jobson (No Doubt, Toots & the Maytals, Gregory Isaacs) offered to produce the band’s first record. Jobson brought Junior Marvin (Bob Marley & The Wailers) and Patrixx Anthony (UB40) to record guitar and trumpet on the album. Recording first in Fingerz’s bedroom, the legendary Junior Marvin would tell surreal Bob Marley stories at the dinner table.

Fusing pop, reggae, hip hop and Indian music, the album bridges worlds and honours Nature through harmony. Jarvis’ passion for the natural world extends to his tireless advocacy of sustainable living. He is the founder of MyGreenPod.com Magazine, an ethical lifestyle title – distributed quarterly with the Guardian and partners – that reaches over 3 million UK readers.

rock star seo and media

Keith Harkin is an Irish singer songwriter and guitar playing minstrel who has been singing his way into the hearts of music lovers since the wee age of four. HIs musical talents have brought him across the world from the UK to Canada to Australia to America and back, over and over again in his past eight years touring.

During his time touring the States, he gained recognition from Grammy Award-winning Producer, David Foster, who then went on to sign Keith as one of his first artists to Verve Records. Keith released his first solo debut album with Foster and Verve Records, where they watched it soar to the number 1 spot on the Billboard charts.

Over the last two years since his first release, Keith has been writing all of his own material for his highly anticipated, second album set to be release mid 2015. This album is funded by Keith alone and takes a different, deeper more personal direction into Keith’s musical styling

Long time friends and talented Producers, Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg, took this album under their wings as if it were there own and helped Keith to bring his own style, sound and vibes to life in Sphere Studios, London. Keith’s love for the classics (Don Henley, Glen Campbell, Tom Waits, Neil Young & Van Morrison show – to name a few) are reflected in his collection of folk-infused, acoustic pop sounds. Combined with his honey-thick voice and a full live band, Keith takes you on journey that creeps into his heart strings.

While working on his solo career, Keith also has continued to perform as a lead soloist in Celtic Thunder. His role in Celtic Thunder has brought him to write and record a number of his own songs for the show, as well as, perform for a vast audience Worldwide, including President Obama and the first Lady and recording numerous PBS specials.

When Keith isn’t touring or recording, you can catch him at the beach surfing or continuing the gypsy travel life from adventure to adventure. But always with a guitar nearby.

rock star seo and media

In 2010, the band began by playing classic rock songs by the likes of The Beatles, Santana, and Guns N’ Roses. As they began to add more songs to their repertoire such as Green Day, The Killers, and current top 40 hits, the band started performing at various locations throughout Los Angeles, including the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade and Six Flags Magic Mountain. As the brothers grew more proficient in their instruments they began to write their own music. The very first song they wrote together was “Just Another Day.” They self-produced a music video for this song as well. After the success, of their first single they wrote and recorded two more original songs, “What If?” and “Girl You Know I Care.” They also produced their own music video for their single “What If?”


The Christopher Brothers began gaining exposure and fans as they began playing at more venues throughout the southern California and the west coast. After releasing their debut EP in 2011 Meet The Christopher Brothers they began receiving much notoriety from local press and indie music blogs throughout the country. Aside from their habitual performances at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, they began performing regularly at the Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood, as well as LEGOLAND California, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA and the Vancouver Wine and Jazz Festival in Vancouver, WA. In the latter half of 2011, they released their third original single “You’re The One.”

rock star seo and media

Award-winning jazz singer-songwriter Ori Dagan is a hard-working musician on the Toronto scene. Initially trained as a classical pianist, Dagan (BFA, York University) dabbled in creative writing and musical theatre before discovering jazz in his late teens. His critically acclaimed recording debut, “S’Cat Got My Tongue” (2009) established him as a musical adventurer within the standard jazz landscape; the sophomore “Less Than Three <3” (2012) featured fresh takes on Elton John, Elvis Presley, Lady Gaga and “Googleable,” his original love song to the search engine. In addition to singing, In addition to singing, Ori writes the “Jazz Stories” column in The WholeNote (www.thewholenote.com) and is the booking agent for 120 Diner (www.120diner.com).In January 2016 Ori Dagan’s “Clap on the 2 and the 4” was released as a single and music video. Based in Toronto, he is currently completing his third album, to be released in the autumn of 2016: “Sweetheart: Dedicated to Nat Cole”. Stay in touch with Ori Dagan on Facebook, twitter & instagram @oridaganjazz

rock star seo and media


(Chicago, IL 2015)
The music powerhouse team KES and National Marketing has joined forces with AV Super Sunshine and Victor House Records to launch a series of new music projects.  “We are looking forward to this union making musical history” says Karvin Johnson CEO of KES; “the level of creativity AV Super Sunshine brings is a breath of fresh air that not only blasts a huge modern sound, but is also drenched in the art rock coolness of the Hendrix, David Bowie era. AV pushes it even higher by mixing in elements of urban and gospel to give an extra dash to his already cross-over modern flavor”.

A native of Wisconsin, AV’s life experiences have been anything but the conventional mid-western psyche. For 15 years he made no music whatsoever. “I got really sick,” he relates. “I had a very big portion of my life that wasn’t very productive. But that’s also when I started playing again I was able to start really writing from the heart. I began writing things that I felt rather than trying to write songs to please people.”

“I remember, I read an interview with David Bowie. He made a comment that he was just trying to write from the heart, but that because he was a human, if it moved him, it would have to move other people. I believe that. Now, I write songs from my own experience that other people understand, with the hope that maybe I can help them with my experiences.”

AV’s newly found motivation began in a coffee house in the college town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He forced himself to perform in public again, despite his. He moved from performing at a weekly open-mic night to becoming the event’s host.

“A lot of young kids would come in with their guitars. I’d help them out and work with them. I had three different bands with three different sets of those kids. They needed somebody to help them put their songs together and also needed to learn how to go out into the clubs. That’s where I would play bass, because these kids already played guitar and sang, and they needed a bass player.”

It just so happens that in each of those bands there is a least one LBGT kid which led me to three years of stage managing for the Milwaukee Gay Arts Center at the Milwaukee Pride Fest. That’s been a really good experience, because it is helping both me and them.

From being a guy who could barely get off his couch to face the public a few years ago to being a touring rock musician has been a remarkable evolution for AV Super Sunshine. This blast-from-the-past continues to face his fears and take his music out into the world because he believes his music helps people.

That’s why I think AV Super Sunshine is a good name. Because I want to try to help people and to spread some sunshine.

AV Super Sunshine and James House’s Troubadour Kings are the cornerstone artists of the new record label Victor House Records. AV Super Sunshine’s “Baby Goodbye” from his debut self titled CD was released to CMJ radio as a single on July 13th, 2015 and charted #7 on Billboard’s Hot Single Sales chart week of October 17th, 2015.  This success is being followed by an EP titled “Just Like Kurt” which includes the “Just Like Kurt” and “Alien Abduction” singles. An additional Full CD album is also due to hit digital and physical retail locations worldwide during 1st quarter 2016.





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